Bank Statement Analysis: Determination of the Trust Factor for Lenders

July 15, 2019 Admin
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Lending has been a primitive human practice. It is perhaps one of the most essential factors of human interdependence and symbiotic existence. It is human nature as well as prudence to gauge the willingness of the borrower before owing money.

The lending business has witnessed a significant evolution and forms the back-bone of most of the expansion projects. It has come a long way from lending to acquaintances in distress to a full-fledged industry involving billions of dollars and multiple stakeholders. Under such circumstances, how would the lending personnel gauge the repaying will and mindset of the borrowers? How would the lender gain confidence on investing large sums towards a promising project?

Well the quandaries are aplenty. Even though it is a lucrative business, lending often witnesses multiple scams and willful defaulting that makes lenders weary. For such situations, we have the process of bank statement analysis. Here, the analysts ensure that there aren’t any anomalies in the previous payment records of the borrowers.

Bank statements provides a comprehensive detail regarding the money management skill of an individual and assists in decision making processes of the lenders, whether to disburse the loan or not. The processes include extrapolation of relevant data from a specified period(from 6 months to 36 months) depending on the loan amount and the risk involved in the project. There are various other relevant ratios, repayment cycles and the average balances maintained that could be interpreted with bank statements.

We, at Scoreme Solutions are committed towards our endeavour in providing the aforementioned analyses in record TATs that would revolutionise and disrupt the existing analysis processes. Our Bank Statement Analyzer utilises Artificial Intelligence along with the expertise of experienced senior banking professionals towards providing accuracy in analysis and reducing human error. Previously a 1.5 month affair, our Bank Statement Analyzer produces the same report in ground-breaking TATs.


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