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February 07, 2022 Admin
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Bank Statement Analyzer tool is a technologically equipped system to provide accurate analysis of the creditworthiness of the borrower’s bank statement. Find out more in detail.

The Banking Industry has seen gigantic changes with the advent of new advancements. Presently with automated Bank Statement Analyser tools, moneylenders can assess credit applications quicker, diminish expenses and enhance the quantity of advances endorsed each month without thinking twice about accuracy. Let’s understand how effective this tool is for upgrading the standards of the banking sector. 


How does the Bank Statement Analyzer work?

Bank Statement Analyzer helps in generating a record of all our monetary exchanges in a month. It shows the available and existing balance, deposits made , withdrawals done, penalties due and much more.It reflects the existing balance, deposits, withdrawals, etc. A complete analysis from the  financial details gives data about the monetary situation of a particular record holder. Now the question is to find out what is the reason behind the need of a Bank Statement Analyzer Tool. Some of the best bank Statement Analyzer provide solutions to the client, ScoreMe is one of the fintech companies that offers a highly-effective bank statement analyzer tool for any account holder, especially if they need a specific solution.

A team of experts from different verticals work rigorously in order to provide absolute solutions with the help of the designed software. When an individual or a company applies for a loan in any banking institution, then the authorized entity goes through an examination with a detailed perspective to analyze the creditworthiness of the candidate. In cases like these, a bank statements analyzer tool is a competent and efficient tool to depend on as it gives precise information about the financial condition of the borrower.

Why should you use a bank statement analyzer?

Apart from an integrated platform to give detailed information about the application, here are the case in which it must be implemented for great results:


  • At the time of Initial screening of proposal
  • To form a genuine and unbiased opinion about credit worthiness of the applicant
  • For Verification of the transactions especially of the current loan takers.
  • To find out the actual 'Capacity to Pay'
  • To receive a customizable data based on category & output
  • To attain Real-time analysis about the creditworthiness of the applicant
  • To understand the Covid impact via detailed financial analysis

Advantages of using bank statement analyzer

Though Bank statement analyzer tool in India  is a proven tool to contribute towards multiple aspects of financial understanding. Here are some defined results that are attained with the help of this analyzer tool:


  • It is an effective tool that works towards curated statements of particular banking institutions. This includes all the public sector, private sector, Co-operative sector and leading international banks as well.
  • This bank statement analyzer tool unravels the complexities of differential transactions and provides a precise report with accuracy.
  • The reports generated through the tool are comprehensive and hold in-depth analysis of multiple factors.
  • The analyzer too being the multitask dashboard enables data collection on varied parameters.
  • Helps in Lowering down the cost & turnaround time via the analyzer tool.
  • The bank statement analyzing tool supports improving the client’s experience.

Process of analyzing bank statement

The process of Bank Statement Analysis begins with the study of all the financial transactions with respect to the borrower. This means that the analysis includes the inflow, outflow and debit, credit transactions for a defined period of time, based on the records received from the borrower’s bank statements. In general, any entity and individual holds a history of transactions to be analyzed and that is what exactly a Bank Statement Analyzer software does. The result obtained from the tool is a validated record of that person or company and gives a clear outlook on their financial health of a particular time period. 



Considering all the above points, the Bank Statement Analyzer tool gives a detailed structure of the creditworthiness, financial history and potential growth in future based on the current financial health. Also, it offers an unbiased and independent opinion that makes it even more worthy and valuable to proceed further with the process of analysis. Hence, this tool becomes a promising analytical tool for financial institutions and analytics. 

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