Bank Statement Analysis: Is it the best tool to determine loan sanctioning?

Bank statement is a statement that is received from the bank after each month for the transaction one performs. Bank statement usually list down the available balance, deposits, withdrawals, interest, service charges, pe...
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7 Parameters of Financial Statement Analysis Tool

Analogising a financial statement of any company comes about in two ways. External stakeholders view it as a source to understand the overall financial health of the firm as in it’s performance and business value. Inte...
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Bank Statement Analysis: Determination of the Trust Factor for Lenders

Lending has been a primitive human practice. It is perhaps one of the most essential factors of human interdependence and symbiotic existence. It is human nature as well as prudence to gauge the willingness of the borr...
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Financial Inclusion in Cooperative Banks in India

When we talk about the Banking Industry in India, we end-up thinking of our PSU Banks, Private Sector Banks & Major International Banks which have Indian Operations. But one segment which is always skipped from the list ...
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The Back-end of Online In-Principle Sanctions

Online in-principle sanction for a loan is the new category where every Financial Institution is trying to set up its foot prints. The concept was piloted when retail loan aggregators started this concept on by integrati...
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Credit Appraisal & Bankability- The Modern-Day Evaluation

Credit appraisal of a loan denotes evaluation of proposal as per the guidelines of the regulator and internal policies of the Financial Institution. Be it a Bank or NBFC both will follow the process of Credit Appraisal s...
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