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Financial statement is an overall health report of the company or any entity that is under evaluations. And to understand how the Financial Statement Analysis tool can make it even more effective, let’s find out. 


Financial statement analysis is the process that evaluates financial statements of small or large size businesses. Based on that analysis decisions making is done for further investments or business activities. In order to understand the financial health of the company, studying a Financial statement in detail to check financial information is really important. The process of evaluation through financial statements is useful for the support of shareholders, managers, investors and other parties. In simple words, ‘financial analysis’ is a term that includes both ‘analysis and understanding’.


Why do you need a financial statement analysis tool?

Financial statement analysis is critical to ensure whether they match up to the business laws and regulations, while considering and matching up the needs of stakeholders and other parties. Hence, to curate precise financial statement analysis, is crucial for any business. Along with that, developing skills for the professionals is equally important in order to undertake the best accounting practices.

With accurate Financial statement analysis, an organization can get multiple benefits. For instance, with accurate analysis in place internal and external stakeholders can take well-planned decisions especially for investing. Detailed analysis of Financial statements also give an unbiased view on a business’ financial health to the lending institutions, which supports in the lending decisions. Due to the dependency of top executives in the management on accounting and financial analysis to predict the results and actions for the future decisions, financial statement analysis is effective and essential for them in order to give strength to the corporate governance.


Here are the steps that you need to follow while making the financial statement analysis:

  • The financial professional should maintain the objectivity of the financial statements as it will be deciding the investment plans for the future. 
  • Never depend on a false sense of security. 
  • Focus should be on the relevance of the data being incorporated.
  • An experienced financial professional should depend on the intuition which evolves over the years along with the knowledge they attain. 

All the above points are matched and ensured by the financial statement analysis tool, and it offers an unbiased opinion that gives a sense of transparency to the stakeholders and other parties. As the business growth highly depends on the accuracy  and timely analysis of financial statements, therefore, an effective tool or software of financial statement analysis gives a detailed outlook to accomplish the result. 

Process of financial statement analysis

In order to attain a consolidated and accurate financial statement analysis. There is a defined process to be followed by the team of professionals, here are the points that need to be incorporated to enable a precise report:

  1. To identify the economic characteristics as per the industrial standards
  2. Defining the strategies, listed by the company
  3. Evaluate and assess the quality of financial statements of a company
  4. In-depth study of the current profitability and risk involved
  5. Forecast financial statements for the future investment plan
  6. Complete Valuation process of the firm should be conducted 

By fulfilling the above steps, an accurate financial statement analysis can be achieved. 


USP's of using financial statement analysis tool

  1. Ensures quick CMA calculation based on information received
  2. Automated assessment of multiple years’ financial statements
  3. Performs real-time check for various default lists 
  4. Allows ‘plug & play’ feature with simple API integration
  5. Helps in reducing the turnaround time of the results

Benefits of using financial statement analysis

With a competent team of finance professionals, financial statement analysis becomes a smooth task to accomplish. Also, it helps the organization in multiple ways, here are a few advantages of using financial statement analysis:

  1. Reduction in risk possibilities
  2. Supports in Debt Management in a better way
  3. Gives a real-time financial status of the company
  4. Smoother Cash Flow Management is made possible
  5. Tremendous improvement in supplier relationship management 
  6. Enables effective communication and collaboration with entities
  7. Optimizes Financial Performance and ensures compliance with policies


With the inclusion of a Financial statement analysis tool in the evaluation and monitoring of the reports of different companies, a systematic process of operation can be enabled. They are more precise while generating results and the most important factor is that the analysis done through a financial statement analysis software risk of errors is less, plus it is more transparent in nature as prepared with an unbiased approach. 

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