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Credit Growth is the backbone of the long-term sustainable development of any country. Bank credit growth remained muted during much of the pandemic, which has gradually improved thereafter and stood at 9.3% in December 2021. This growth was driven by personal loans. Similarly, credit growth to micro and small industries accelerated to 12.7% in November 2021. The total credit of the NBFC sector has already crossed Rs 28 lac crores, with an improvement in credit intensity. This indicates that we are on a gradual revival path with ample opportunities for credit growth.


The COVID pandemic has brought out the relevance and importance of Digitalization in the financial sector for providing efficient customer-centric services. Fintechs have emerged as a big enabler of the adoption of new technologies to achieve new synergies in this process for the multidimensional development of the financial sector.


To bring about a thorough transformation in the financial world, an Integrated Analysis Solution for NBFCs, Fintechs, and Banks has become essential.

Lending Operations and Role of Integrated Analysis Solution for NBFCs, Fintechs and Banks

A  robust and well-structured credit mechanism is essential for ensuring a healthy and growing loan portfolio for NBFCs and Banks. To provide effective risk management and a streamlined mechanism of operations with the highest level of efficiency — while maintaining system integrity -- comprehensive and integrated analysis platform is needed.


Process digitalization and the deployment of an integrated analysis solution by banks and NBFCs via a comprehensive software are therefore crucial. Such software can provide a one-stop solution for the Lending Business of NBFCs and Banks duly supplemented by the active role of Fintechs. The software can take care of various aspects of the lending operations in an integrated manner while ensuring, efficacy, transparency and effective risk management.


Integrated Lending Business Process and Analysis

The entire process involves a series of steps that need to function in an integrated and seamless manner. The first step involves the selection of a potential borrower and the due diligence process of KYC (know your customer) norms also needs to be complied with. This is required to be automatically linked and integrated with the initial marketing setup.

The credibility of the borrower as regards his past conduct and his integrity need to be assessed along with the legal records for defaults and disputes if any. A very significant step relates to the Integrated Analysis of financials of the borrower which needs to be studied in detail concerning income, in the case of an individual, and the various applicable financial ratios in the case of a business enterprise. The ratios pertain to assessment, liquidity ratios, leverage ratios and repayment capacity ratios. Integrated analysis of the past financial statements and the projections need to be undertaken in detail. The integration with sources of financial information in the public domain like GSTR analysis, ITR analysis and Financial Statement Analysis become an important aspect of the Integrated Analysis Solution.


The amount of permissible loan is also calculated taking into account the prescribed norms and criteria. The sanction letter containing the detailed terms and conditions of the loan is to be auto-generated based on the integrated data gathering and analysis. Disbursement of funds involves documentation and accounting process which also needs to be integrated with other processes. Post disbursement of loans, effective monitoring of loans is equally important to ensure appropriate end use of funds and gauge any signs of stress in the borrower account.


All these steps require meticulous compliance and seamless working, for which a robust customer-friendly Integrated Analysis software is an ideal solution.


Key features of Integrated Analysis Solution software

Such software should provide a complete solution and should be scalable and easy to install and operate with API integration. The software needs to provide straight-through processing with Digital Lending.

The software should be able to provide data aggregation across a wide range of unstructured data besides Integrated Analysis of big data. AI-based algorithms are an integral part of the complete solution to help in decision-making on credit issues.


The software enables seamless integration of operations of Fintechs in collaboration with NBFCs and Banks to facilitate co-lending and also build synergies among the three stakeholders.


Best Integrated Analysis Solution Product by ScoreMe Solutions Private Ltd

ScoreMe Solutions Private Ltd, provides a unique Integrated Analysis Solution, powering paperless credit and analytics for NBFCs, Banks and Fintechs. It provides simplified processing of the relevant data in multiple formats efficiently and transparently with requisite risk management features.


The product is a digital end-to-end complete solution ensuring seamless operations, right from on-boarding requests for credit facility through the processes of authentication, data fetching, structuring, analysis, sanction, disbursement and final steps of monitoring and reporting. ScoreMe can develop standardized or customized models as per the requirement, offering users deeper insights into borrower profiles.


The Software has innovative tools including, Bank Statement Analyzer, GST return Analyser, Integrated Financial Statement Analysis with a direct fetching facility, E KYC, etc.


It can also provide details, such as legal background, defaults, etc to protect the interests of the lenders and to ensure compliance. The product also gives a credit quality score and is periodically updated.


To conclude, in the current era of Digitalization, for all the NBFCs, Banks and Fintechs, there is an urgent need for such an Integrated Analysis Solution to optimize their functioning and bring in efficiencies while ensuring all compliances. Selection of the right kind of high-end, user-friendly complete solution product is crucial in this respect, and for this, ScoreMe is there to serve you with considerable capabilities and expertise.

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