Online Lending Software: A Complete Overview

December 02, 2020 Admin
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We at Scoreme Solutions provide the technical foundation for each stage of online lending software: loan origination, servicing and underwriting: from loan application processing and credit line management, to debt collection and compliance with regulatory requirements. We create a consistent, digital borrower experience for large multinational corporations, medium-sized and small business customers and consumers. Covering the full loan lifecycle - origination, underwriting, covenant tracking, collateral management, debt servicing and portfolio reporting - our solutions simplify lending by improving customer onboarding, increasing transparency, and streamlining back-office operations.


Scoreme Solutions: A reliable online lending software provider

Our debt management technology gives you a 360-degree view of all relationships and facilities under management. Computation, workflow, financial analysis, electronic compliance and servicing all work together on one platform. By eliminating related manual processes, data rekeying, duplication of efforts, printing and mailing of documents, our debt management software reduces costs and brings inevitable efficiency.

  • A complete online application processing system consisting of credit scoring, reporting and payment disbursement solutions;
  • Extensive decision and workflow automation specifically adapted to customer requirements and vision. This includes automated approvals and disclaimers, automated payment delivery and automated report generation;      
  • Conversion of E-Docs and Revelations;
  • Loan monitoring and early warning systems for loan portfolios;
  • Hardware and web hosting provide sufficient bandwidth to process 10,000 applications per day;
  • Protection against application fraud and bad loans.

Automate and control the entire lending cycle: from loan origination and credit line management, to debt collection and compliance with regulatory requirements. Use the power of advanced risk management: Scoring models are integrated into borrower evaluation and debt collection processes.

We perform according to the customer's vision and risk appetite. Business users can easily manage decision flow, modify the scoring model, credit policy, reporting mechanism, and method of credit line management.


As online lending software transforms the lending business, lending companies must meet the needs of a dynamic market. For example, banks would need to provide a limit Products such as both retail and commercial loans, and loan with or without collateral on a lending platform. A seamless and scalable online lending software platform will help companies to provide many products in the market at an accelerated pace.


Such a platform combined with an intelligent scalable architecture and a well-designed Omni channel customer experience will create a transformative debt genesis tour. Related technology architecture should allow front-end creativity, easy plug-ins and enable plug-in data and services ecosystem to adopt analytics and AI while maintaining legacy backend.


However, the online lending software journey is difficult to implement. For example, many Older banks in India investing in digital onboarding and servicing travel Conflict with legacy loan origination and debt management platforms, and old School Technology Architecture. Legacy technologies neither support 'new' Nor the convenience of rapid travel change.

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