Credit Monitoring

Unique Combination of IT and Human Analysis

Software Capability:

Highly flexible and scalable software, enabling the lender to easily analyze large volumes of data and customize as per requirements. The solution integrates traditional and non-traditional data sources to enable real-time decision making for effective credit monitoring.


The loan manangement software has the capability to analyze and gather combine inferences from Bank A/c Statements, Stock Statements, GST Data, ITR Data, Financial Statements and other Public domain websites (such as Legal, Credit Ratings, LEI, BIFR, Company Databases, etc.) through a system-based process for different periods and magnitude of data.


Human Capability:

Experienced team of very senior industry domain experts & highly qualified Financial Analyst (CA’s/MBA’s with wide industry experience) to scrutinize complex data points and submit a comprehensive report for In-depth credit monitoring.


Combination of senior analyst/ex-bankers and the Industry professionals provide thorough expertise for various sectors and hence possess the required knowledge to be applied to understand the complexity of monitoring large accounts.


Having in-house experienced industrial experts across various industries including Auto components, Automobile, Coal and Mines, Power, Healthcare, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Agri-Infra, Banking & Finance and many more including legal luminaries.

Ability to consolidate the data from the above sources using our algorithms which can then be further reconciled, cross checked and verified to derive key inferences for the account and to identify red flags on continuous basis.

Increasing data analysis ability helps in performing an in-depth analysis of the borrower and ensures 360 degree monitoring of the account with the use of technology and manual effort. In-house IT team further makes it possible to automate the monitoring work and enables a periodic exercise and minimizing the risk of error.

Use of software along with the experienced team of professionals increases the reliability and decreases the turn- around time for reports.

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