Data Aggregation

ScoreMe’s Data Aggregation tool helps you with online verification of KYC documents of your borrowers; both individual and company as this tool is linked to various public domain sources. So, if you are in MSME industry or a retail division of the Financial Institutions, you can use this tool to streamline your processes.


We cover the following aspects:

  1. KYC - Corporate
  2. KYC - Retail
  3. Verification of Professional Qualification
  4. Verification of Tax Return


ScoreMe’s Data Aggregation Tool is linked with more than 30 Public Domain Sources.

ScoreMe’s Data Aggregation Tool is a One-stop Solution for Corporate & Retail KYC.

ScoreMe’s Data Aggregation Tool gives real-time information to make an informed decision.

ScoreMe’s Data Aggregation Tool enables automated client On-boarding.

ScoreMe’s Data Aggregation Tool obsoletes the need for Physical verification of the documents.

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